Sunday, February 28, 2016

Poptropica- The First Day!

               Hi, little reader thingies! Today is Feb 27, 2016, and I've just created a Poptropica character.
   Here she is:
My name is Fast Heart!
Right now, I'm being hinted to follow a cute grey monkey on a wild-looking island.
The tutorial brought me to a aircraft race with a redhead I'm yet to know the name of. 
We were off to a good start when a mean NPC called the Red Baroness shot our plane down.
Here we are now, stranded on an odd island with only a monkey and probably a few crabs.
But there's the redhead!
She's too high to jump to.
So to save her, I have to ninja my way around some weird-looking ruins.
We're able to fix the plane with, whaddya know, a crab's wrench.
Up, up, and awa........
Or not.
It looks like the propeller WASN'T the only thing.
My two companions scurry off to find another way out of the island.
I follow them right to find...
A tropical resort?
A sign is painted with the words, CRUSOES CASTAWAY RETREAT
I go up and ring the bell on the spiffy reception desk.
A brown haired, bearded and bubble-smoking man comes out, looking elated.
He then scolds our monkey friend for not wearing uniform, and he goes and puts on THIS.
The man says we can re-enter the race!
But we have to get him three items.
A rope, a cloth, and a fruity drink.
The redhead runs over to an elaborate juice machine painted with bright designs.
It's constructed completely of bamboo and other jungle finds.
The camera pans to a pink monkey attempting to push a large bag of fruits.
Obvi trying to get it to follow the rope connected to the top.
I follow the rope to the other side, where a reddish monkey is trying to turn a lever.

I decide to help by turning a similar lever, and manage to move the fruit!
But it gets caught on a branch, and the rope snaps.
I get pushed down a large tube slide-
After I splash into the musty water, the snapped rope slides down after me.
At least I get one of the things I need.
I head up to investigate the fruit bag, and it looks like it had broken.
Various amounts of fruit have fallen on the platform.
I also collect the cloth from the bag, and now all I have left is a fruit drink.
Then I can re-enter the race!
That's all for now,

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